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Avenged Sevenfold

June 30th


June 30th

Kerry King

June 29th

Machine Head

June 29th

Suicidal Tendencies

June 30th

Electric Callboy

June 30th


June 29th


June 29th


June 29th

Empire State Bastard

June 30th

Men Eater

June 29th


June 30th


EvilLive - Horários 29 Jun
EvilLive - Horários 30 Ju


Daily ticket June 29th


Daily ticket June 30th


2-Day Pass



How to get there?

Parque das Nações.

GPS coordinates: 38.7685312, -9.0940297

Trains - Oriente Station
Subway – Red Line | Oriente Station
Lisbon Airport

How do I exchange my pass for a wristband?

Passes must be exchanged for a wristband at the appropriate point in the venue.

The wristbands will be put on at the time of the exchange.

I have a daily ticket. Can I get in and out of the venue?

Yes. If you have a daily ticket, you can request a daily wristband for this purpose.

What are the restrictions to enter the festival grounds?

The following objects/articles are not allowed on the festival grounds:
. dangerous objects (pocket knives, any type of weapon, chains, belts and/or pointed bracelets, etc.);
. plastic bottles with caps;
. alcoholic beverages;
. boxes with food;
. professional photo / film cameras;
. audio recorders;
. animals;
. helmets;
. stick GoPro/ selfie stick;
. glass objects (bottles/ perfumes, etc.);
. any object that can be thrown.

My ticket has the name of the person who bought it. Will I have problems getting in?

No, as long as the ticket hasn't already been validated.

Do children need a ticket to enter the venue?

For security reasons, anyone gaining access to the venue must have a valid ticket.


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Av. República, n 6, 1.º Esq.
1050-191 Lisboa
Telephone: +351 914 182 927